Urgon - The New World


Urgon is a Fantasy Role Playing World based on the 3rd edition Dungeon and Dragons rules. However, those of you used to playing in the normal wide ranging D&D worlds might find my ideas rather limiting. Character classes are generally restricted to the PHB (so no prestige classes) and I tend to ignore feats that mean more dice rolling for me. :}

The semi-independent states allow me use a number of different philosophical outlooks all within one overall consistent framework provided at a national level. Player characters have the opportunity of choosing from a number of different backgrounds, and have the chance to help develop that background further. However, characters are pretty much restricted to a background within Urgon - I want to play with unique, well thought out characters - but I don’t want to play with a menagerie of caricatured weirdos from across the universe. :}

If you don’t feel you can make an interesting and playable character within those parameters, Urgon probably isn’t the right place for you.

Using the wiki

The side menu has links to all the background information. It is the place you should look if you want to see a map of the region, or learn a bout the overall economy, or the calendar. Basically, anything that affects the whole region is linked on the side menu. Having said that - the site isn’t finished yet, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, let me know and I can work it out for you.

The top menu concentrates on the people and places that make up the game world, and the playing area is more developed than the background areas. If you want to know what the Hapsburg Inn looks like, who runs it and what it sells - look on the top menu.

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