Dersolbek is a Dwarven settlement that is part of Urgon. It sits on the primary trade route between Urgon and the Dwarven Clandolds, with some dwellings underground and some on the surface. While the majority of its population is Dwarven, it has Gnome Halfling and Human communities.

It acts as a processing and distribution center for the metals, ores and minerals that the clanholds export. Interestingly it also exports barrels of dried mushrooms.

The town is governed by the Lord-Mayor, with assistance from four Ward Masters, while the temple is overseen by a Cleric of Moradin.

Visitors are accepted in Dersolbek, but it hard to say they are welcomed. There are a set of rules that every visitor is expected to obey - not following the rules will, almost invariably, lead to a fine and way well result in expulsion from the city itself. Visitors

Gate Ward

Outer Ward

Dwarf Cooking

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