Gomna is the largest state in Urgon and is ruled directly by the King, but while the writ of the king runs throughout the land, Gomna is divided into administrative units called Cantons - each run byr a Count.

They are

Canton Gonal (Dingonal - Lord-Provost of Gonal) The Royal Canton

Canton Fallon – (Carfallon – Count of Fallon)
Canton Dean – (Cardean – Count of Dean)
Canton Ford (Carford – Count of Fords)

Canton Carn County (Dincarn, Count of Carn)
Canton Almer (Dinal, Count of Almer)
Canton Cree (Dincree – Count of Cree)
Canton Black (Dinblack – Count Black)

Each canton is administered from the main town (listed above) but there are smaller towns, villages and settlements dotted around it. There are regular patrols around the towns and villages however, there are long stretches of roads between the cantons that are not settled and are not regularly patrolled.

It's religion is lead by clerics of Pelor and while it still uses a feudal style system it is fairly relaxed. Over all it is seem as a LG/NG state.

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