Rebul is a small duchy set in the foothills of the Harkness mountains originally created as the fief for a victorious war-duke. It has remained a small, rural, militaristic nation dedicated to protecting Urgon and the worship of Heironeous. Security for the area is provided by The Most Illustrious Order of the Silver Bolt, an order of militant Heironeans, and the local temples are all lead by clerics of Heironeous. The state exerts a lot of control over the land, labour and wages – ensuring that everyone does something that contributes to the well being of the state, and that no one goes cold or hungry. It is said that even the duke and great lords live frugal and pious lives in their great castles.


Rebul has one small city, which is probably the best protected city in any region of Urgon. House Rebul occupies a concentric castle on one part of the city wall, while another section is protected by the head quarters of the Order of the Bolt. While less impressive than the other two the Great Cathedral, with its clerics and guards, overlooks the walls in a third section. In between the businesses and citizens of Rebul go about their businesses, just as safely and securely as anyone else.


The rest of the region is covered by a network of identical rebul:Village-Forts which support a healthy agricultural economy and providing a good network of military bases and supply points. Rebul is one of the most comprehensively patrolled areas in Urgon.

Interestingly, the structured rural life appeals to a lot of more traditional Halflings – and they form a larger than normal part of the population.


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