Rediton is an independent town, only incorporated into Gonma about fifty years ago. It's Lord-Mayor holds Fursten status and a seat on the King's Council. Once the preferred location of pirates, outlaws and refugees from the more rigid regimes in Urgon, all that changed when Tin was found in the hills. Now it is a regular town - after a fashion.

The first settlers here (in our timespan) discovered a number of ancient cliff dwellings - houses and buildings cut into the face of the cliff - and took them over, however as Rediton developed residents started to move into clusters of buildings set along the terraces in front of the cliff. Now something like 80% of the housing is clustered along the terraces, while the remaining cliff homes have been taken over by the Dwarves and incorporated into their mines. A number of small farms and stock stations nestle in the hills around Rediton and are considered to be a part of the Rediton community. Town Map

Rediton has large Dwarf, Gnome and Halfling communities as well as a goodly number of humans and demi humans, and is the most racially integrated of all the states.

The Lord-Mayor governs with the assistance of a council elected from each of the community groups. While it is a form of democracy, it isn't the (one person) = (one vote) type system that we are familiar with in the western world. Still, the population as a whole have more influence in their town's management than most places in Urgon.

Clerics of Kord run the main temple, possibly on the basis that as a Chaotic god, his clerics aren't too concerned with what the people are up to. There are shrines to many gods in the temple here including Moradin, Yondola, Garl Glitter Gold and Olidammara.

Rediton is difficult to get to - there is an overland trail but it it long and difficult, and is more suited to mule trains than to large wagons. Sea travel is possible but Rediton sits on top of a large cliff and ships cannot get close to the landing stages to load and unload - this is handled via a small fleet of boats that act as combination fishing boats and lighters. Because of these transport difficulties, imported goods are expensive in Rediton. However, it does export some Tin and Gem Stones from its various mines.

Major Exports: Tin - Minor Exports: Gemstones (Tourmaline, Agate, Jade) , Keep All, & Orange Dye.

Rediton is seen as neutral state.

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The Tin Comes from an ore called Casserite.

Tourmaline is a dark blue/black gem stone. Tourmaline

'Keep All' is much like Sodium Nitrite and is used as a food preservative. It gives a slight metalic tang to the food it is added to - a flavour which has become associated with Dwarven Cuisine.

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