Versair is a mix of villages each with their own lord or political system. Some villages have a mayor, some have a ruling family, other have different systems. Just about all that is consistent if the rural, backwater, nature of the land. Set on the margins of the great forest, it is not a place to be if you don't like the wilderness.

Versair does not have any cities, or even any real towns of note, just a lot of rural villages of one size or another. When the Governor dies - each village gets to send its leader to a council to 'elect' a new Governor. It is a CG state.

Versair does not have any major business or exports - however it makes the best (hard) Cider and Bacon in the whole land.

As many of the villages are in, or very close to the woodlands, they rely on specially cultivated Forest Gardens to provide food for the village. Forest Garden

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